Faq, Updated Faq & Current Status Details For All Members.

  • What is a Crypto Signal?

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    A Signal is a recommendation to sell or buy, and we deliver these signals as trades created by a team of professional traders with more than a century of experience amongst each other. Signals are posted daily and in every time zone, on the more prominent and the less noticeable Crypto Coins and Forex market.


  • What is the ImpulsX Trading Education?

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    We understand our clients, and you want to use a service like ours so you can limit your efforts while still making money. On the other hand, we also have customers who are dedicated to changing their lives for the better; they don’t want to rely on a service like ours forever. For these customers, we have ImpulsX Trading Education, multiple video courses dedicated to creating profitable traders in both the Crypto as the Forex markets.

  • Do you have an Auto-Trader?

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    Excellent question! Of course, we do – all the options and additions added in our subscriptions are fully automatable. We understand that our clients value their free time or are still at a point of full-time employment. Hence, we deliver a full A-Z dashboard, including all the tools a passive trader could ever wish for.

  • What payment options do you have?

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    We accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Furthermore, you can pay account and product renewal fees with your account balance.

  • What is ImpulsX?

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    ImpulsX is a company filled with professionals within investing and trading. We started out as a crypto exchange but we eventually moved to providing trading signals and bots. Some team members have purchased BTC as early as 2012. We’re here to help you make money in the fast-paced and challenging market that Crypto has become.

  • How can you support me?

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    In multiple ways, we can help you to become an investor who buys the good projects as early as possible, and we can also help you by posting all our trades with included tools to follow them automatically and quickly. Aside from that: all our packages include sophisticated and modern tools to make your life as a trader as easy as possible. Last but not least: we will help you with active and dynamically updated educational material. We love to refer to ourselves as dream architects. You have a dream, and we help to build it.

  • I don’t know much about crypto, can you still help me?

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    Of course! Our Trading Education will give you a flying start in terms of your understanding of Cryptocurrencies in its current (and future) form. Besides this we have a Telegram support group and a helpdesk to answer your questions. Then you’re more than set on your Crypto Journey with ImpulsX!

  • Do you offer specialized mentoring sessions for clients?

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    Yes, we do! We can offer or cater to almost any wish. If you have an inquiry, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can create something that fits both parties.

  • How to start with ImpulsX Trading System?

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    Step 1. Register here for FREE. The first 30 days you don't pay the subscription fee, after that you pay $9.99 to stay in the matrix, earn commissions and receive Crypto and Forex trading signals. We pay 10 level commissions of 7,5% on any product sold in your team (from direct referrals and spillover).

    Step 2. Join our Telegram group and social media pages:
    Telegram group
    ImpulsX Trading System Facebook page
    ImpulsX Trading System Twitter page

    Step 3. Join EurekaX Crypto Exchange (our partner exchange) to perform manual trading or trade through our automatic trading bot(s).

    Step 4. To receive all 10 levels of commissions, you need to have a personal sales volume of $39.99 monthly. You can achieve this buy buying or selling a product from your own webshop. Very popular is our automatic trading bot, the nBOT. This bot trades automatically on EurekaX exchange. After the initial setup, the only thing you have to do is watch your capital grow on EurekaX. Passive income stream is created! 

    Step 5. Invite other people to ImpulsX Trading System through your referral link (can be found in your backoffice) and to EurekaX Crypto Exchange so you earn extra commissions. See our commission chart here.

  • Where can I find tutorials?

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    Tutorials can be found here!

  • Do you have a special coin or token?

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    Yes, we do and it is called the IPX token! The IPX token runs on the ERK blockchain and can be traded on EurekaX.io. With IPX token we offer staking too! By just buying and holding your IPX tokens in your EurekaX wallet, you get 0.2% staking rewards daily. That is 6% per month, just by holding your tokens in the EurekaX wallet!

    Furthermore, we have installed a buyback and burn program for IPX. This means that a part of the net profit of ImpulsX Trading System and EurekaX (and future platforms) will be used to buyback and burn IPX from the market.